FINSENY presentation in the event “New Century Cities Zaragoza 2012” by Martin Wagner, ATOS

Atos, representing FINSENY project, attended one of the events (“Haciendo real el Internet del Futuro” – “Making real the Future Internet”) organized in the framework of the Zaragoza’s  Conference: New Century Cities Zaragoza 2012_  on November 8th, 2012.
Consequently participate in the representative panel FI-PPP program sharing presentations and question and answer session with FI-WARE, OUTSMART and Instant Mobility. Martin Wagner presented the FINSENY vision about how Future Internet can enable the Smart Energy.

The most important conclusion is related to the representation of all type of projects of the FI-PPP: Core Platform and Use Case Projects were present.
During the question and answer session the panel cleared doubts regarding both the scope and results of the 1st phase as compared to the expectations for the 2nd phase of FI-PPP. It should be noted that the questions were aimed at the SME participation in the upcoming calls, specifically in phase 3.
More information and the presentations can be found at: