Smart Charging Document contribution by FINSENY

FINSENY, based on the work done in the WP5: “Electric mobility”, has contributed to the “Smart Charging document (v0.4)” of the CEN/CENELEC WG.

The scope of the WG Smart Charge will be to draft a report which includes:

  • Define and document a generic role models for different actors and their roles in the domains of E-mobility and power system (Smart Grid)
  • Define and document a reference architectures for smart charging of electric vehicles, which will be aligned with the Smart Grid (M/490) reference architecture (correlation with other smart grid functionalities is required in order to maximize system-wide impact and benefits)
  • Collect and adapt a set of typical, relevant reference use cases from E-mobility stakeholders to the sustainable processes defined by SG-CG, with focus on smart charging of electric vehicles.

The working group also take the SGAM as the base and focus on a model of smart charging reference architecture, similar to the one defined in WP5.