The Smart Grid Stakeholder Group (SGSG) has been established in June 2009 to create a liaison between the industry organisations involved in the evolution and roll out of the Smart Grid. The Group is open to all industry organisations who have or who intend to have an involvement in the Energy or ICT/Future Internet arena. This network is intended to be the forum to

  •  Share new technological, marketing, business and regulatory/standardization information in EC member states and worldwide
  • Make technological and market announcements targeting mutual benefit of the participants
  • Advance the mutual understanding between the energy and ICT industries on common challenges and technical/engineering solutions,
  • Form new cooperations / strong consortia for common research activities, including common or federated trial implementations,
  • Build strong alliances, e.g. for targeted standardization activities, and
  • Identify new mutual beneficiary business opportunities.

The main tasks of the SGSG are:

  • Foster information, knowledge exchange and networking between the Smart Grid, energy production, distribution and consumption, and the ICT industry. Act as a forum for information exchange between experts and champions in the related areas of interest that comprise the Smart Grid.
  • Identify business & research cooperation opportunities in European and national programs and coordinate participation in the funding programs wherever appropriate.
  • Stay in contact with relevant players, communities, the relevant European project activities (FP7, national projects, FIA, FiArch, …) and assure a high awareness of their results and open issues.

In case of interest to join the SGSG, please contact Dr. Kolja Eger, Siemens AG,