FINSENY Standardisation strategy

  •  FINSENY has been working on its “Standardisation Strategy” containing a plan for the standardisation agenda and defining the fora of activities. This strategy is summarized here. 


  • Smart Grid Coordination Group (SG-CG). FINSENY  has contributed to the M/490 mandate of the European Commission. FINSENY has been actively involved in four working groups of the Smart Grid Coordination Group (SG-CG)(
    • Sustainable process working group SG-CG SPWG (Alexander von Jagwitz, BAUM): FINSENY use cases
    • Reference Architecture working group SG-CG RAWG (Fabio Bellifemine, TI): looking for alignment between the Smart Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) defined by this group and the FINSENY architecture.
    • Security working group SG-CG SGIS WG (Steffen Fries, Siemens): requirements based on the threat and risk analysis done in WP1.
    • First set of standards (Jürgen Heiles, Siemens): alignment with existing standards used in FINSENY
  • Phase II of FINSENY project, FINESCE ( will continue standardization work in the new organization of the SG-CG working groups:
    • Second Set of Standards (follow-up work program and second set of standards)
    • Security (further development of Smart Grid Information Security)
    • Interoperability (conformance testing, system interoperability testing, interoperability framework definition
    • New applications and methodology (follow-up on architecture and use cases, application and refinement of the methodology, link with dedicated standardization activities on new applications)
  • M/468 Electro Mobility Coordination Group (eM-CG). FINSENY has also contributed to the Smart Charging Working Group. CEN/CENELEC has established in June 2012 a Working Group “Smart Charging” within the mandates “E-Mobility Coordination Group (M/468) eM-CG” and “Smart Grid Coordination Group (M/490) SG-CG”.
  • ZigBee. FINSENY has actively contributed to the next release of ZigBee Home Automation Profile.
  • ETSI-M2M / OneM2M. FINSENY has done several contributions to ETIS M2M / OneM2M in the Home Energy Management Information Layer.
  • CONCORD. FINSENY has also contributed to the CONCORD standardisation working group.
  • EC Radio spectrum consultation. FINSENY has contributed to the European Commission public consultation on the use of radio spectrum for more efficient energy production and distribution.
  • HGI – Home Gateway Initiative. FINSENY has contributed with the requirements based upon the usage of the ZigBee standards and the implementation of the FINSENY Use Cases.

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 Standardisation News

  • The results of the EC consultation “use of spectrum for more efficient production and distribution” has been published. Read more
  • FINSENY project has participated in the last CEN, CENELEC and ETSI workshop in Brussels on 18th and 19th June 2012.  Read more
  • FINSENY has participated in the 10th meeting of the Smart Grid Information Security Group (SGIS) of the SG-CG on 23rd – 24th July 2012. Read more
  • Smart Grid Coordination Group presents new Working Group reports: The Working Groups are preparing their reports.  Read more
  • Smart Grid Coordination Group released the final Working Group reports. Read more
  • FINSENY has contributed to the “Smart Charging Document (v0.4)” of the CEN/CENELEC Working Group. Read more
  • FINSENY has participated in the high-level conference “Smart Grid Standardization Achievements” conference in Brussels, 28th January, 2013. Read more